Mile High …DRY

After being in the mile high state for just a few days, both my husband and I began to feel the effects of Denver’s dry climate -never mind the fact that we arrived on Thanksgiving. We quickly learned that drinking plenty of water, moisturizing, and lip balm were daily necessities! God forbid we went hiking without lip balm…

We even had a technique to moisturizing, as silly as that may sound. After conversing with a local, I learned that the best way to apply lotion: Immediately after getting out the shower, while your skin was still damp. There was something about the water on the skin that allowed for better absorption. I was a little dumb founded to say the least, but it worked! And that’s what mattered.

Once our travels in Denver came to an end we made our way back to Atlanta. We took back with us our love of the great outdoors as well as a newfound appreciation for Georgia’s humidity. We felt like super humans! Why? We were both in the best shape we’ve been in a while. Fun Fact: The USA Olympic Committee Headquarters are located in Colorado.

No matter what state we travel to next, Colorado was an awesome enforcer for our body’s most important nutrient AGUA!!!


5 Reasons Why a Massage Can BOOST Your Health

1. Mental Clarity

Mental clarity after a massage is one of my favorite benefits. If you’re like most massage clients, you take a few deep breaths and moments later… z Z z… you’re asleep! As a massage therapist I will be the first to admit, that a knocked out client, is a huge compliment! Regardless of the massage you choose or even if you remain awake, after the massage is over your most dominant thoughts are centered around assessing how different and refreshed your body feels. Versus a long day at work, where your main thoughts would be… Right, work!

Did you know that on average Americans have 10 vacation days whereas in Europe, at least 20 days are offered a year to employees. My advice: regardless of your occupation, consider taking a mini-vacation on a massage table. So that you can awaken with a clear mind as well as, feeling refreshed.

2. Lowered Stress Level

There’s no better feeling than getting your mind off stress. However, that feet is often easier said than done. Physical, mental and emotional stress are all interconnected. When one is worked on and lowered, the others are sure to follow.

   A massage offers stress reduction, by stimulating and relaxing your muscles. As your therapist works out your “knots” or trigger points, you muscles loosen up. Thus, relaxation in a physical state occurs with a most enjoyable side affect of, lowered stress

3. Pain Relief

Muscle memory is a real thing everybody! Question is what are your muscles being forced to remember? Best example I can think of is our country’s badass military veterans (I got lots of love and respect for them). After working on many of my military family members, they all have expressed a common disbelief to me after our first sessions together.

Truth is, many of my clients are “convinced” that their bodies would be in pain or stiffness for the rest of their lives …and that ladies and gentlemen is a lie! Everyone is capable of healing from pain, through massage!

4. Flexibility

The loss of tension gives way to flexibility. Granted, it is up to each person to build this on their own time. That means you everybody should really do their massage homework. If your therapist does not give you “massage homework,” please ask them (if they are knowledgeable), I promise you they will be more than happy to provide you with some exercises that are suited for your body and the tension your body carries. The best thing anyone can do for themselves is to stretch in between massages. If you would like to take your flexibility a step further, try yoga!

5. Therapeutic Wisedom

Once you have found a center or therapist you are pleased with, (which I highly encourage) you would be amazed at how much knowledge they are willing to inform their clients about. The best part, your therapist may share with you products and services best suited for your body or session. Not to get confused with upsales or commission gimmicks.

Anatomy is not all your therapist can teach you. Some therapists such as myself, truly to practice what they preach. They may do so by leading relatively healthy lifestyles. I highly encourage my clients to eat healthy and my track record will show you I’ve completed a marathon back in 2012 plus I’m a (soft) Vegan. Your therapist may be a good source for a plethora of health related know-how, such as exercise, essential oils, yoga and other organic health hacks.