Mile High …DRY

After being in the mile high state for just a few days, both my husband and I began to feel the effects of Denver’s dry climate -never mind the fact that we arrived on Thanksgiving. We quickly learned that drinking plenty of water, moisturizing, and lip balm were daily necessities! God forbid we went hiking without lip balm…

We even had a technique to moisturizing, as silly as that may sound. After conversing with a local, I learned that the best way to apply lotion: Immediately after getting out the shower, while your skin was still damp. There was something about the water on the skin that allowed for better absorption. I was a little dumb founded to say the least, but it worked! And that’s what mattered.

Once our travels in Denver came to an end we made our way back to Atlanta. We took back with us our love of the great outdoors as well as a newfound appreciation for Georgia’s humidity. We felt like super humans! Why? We were both in the best shape we’ve been in a while. Fun Fact: TheĀ USA Olympic Committee Headquarters are located in Colorado.

No matter what state we travel to next, Colorado was an awesome enforcer for our body’s most important nutrient AGUA!!!


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